Bismarck’s premier industrial park has the advantages your company needs!

The Northern Plains Commerce Centre (NPCC) is a premier industrial park in Bismarck, North Dakota, with industrial expansion sites available today. Significant infrastructure advantages allow companies to improve their ability to distribute products efficiently within the Northern Plains region and globally.

The NPCC is home to various businesses, including the Bobcat Acceleration Center and Tubular Transport and Logistics (TTL). Tubular Transport and Logistics offers rail-to-truck reloading, trucking and storage services allowing non-rail-served businesses to take advantage of long-haul cost savings by using rail.

Northern Plains Community Centre

Location advantages

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  • Adjacent to the Bismarck Airport
  • Accessible rail-served sites with Canadian Pacific and BNSF via the DMVW Railroad
  • Non-rail-served sites
  • Heavy haul corridor truck route from the NPCC and  US I-94
  • Fast track site-permitting
  • Utilities available along Northern Plains Drive and Morrison Ave

View the plat map and unsold properties here.

Shipping & Transloading

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For those interested in utilizing the NPCC as a location to transload freight without leasing or purchasing property, please contact Tubular Transport & Logistics (TTL) at (701) 255-6700. 
For additional information on shipping freight via rail, please contact:

Canadian Pacific Railway

BNSF Railway

Dakota Missouri Valley & Western Railroad


What is the Northern Plains Commerce Centre (NPCC)?

The Northern Plains Commerce Centre is a 243-acre industrial park that is rail served.

What does it mean for the Bismarck-Mandan region?

Whether customers of the NPCC are local manufacturers, distributors, retailers or suppliers of these companies, the ability to ship by rail offers another option for shippers to reduce transportation costs. The facility also provides a competitive edge in our ability to attract companies to locate or expand in our community with shovel-ready construction sites.

How much land is currently available for development at the Northern Plains Commerce Centre?

The NPCC is a 243-acre fully developed industrial park site. Rail and non-rail servied parcels of various sizes are available for lease or purchase.

What kind of companies should consider locating in the NPCC?

The NPCC is designed for companies that expect to move large volumes of freight by rail and/or truck. Typically that includes advanced manufacturers, ag-processors, warehouse and distribution companies.

Where is the industrial park and available property located?

The Northern Plains Commerce Centre is located on the southeast side of Bismarck, adjacent to the Bismarck Airport. The industrial park has easy access to both US I-94 (east/west) and US Highway 83 (north/south). Directions: US I-94 to Exit 161. Turn south on to Bismarck Expressway and follow for appoximately 3 miles. Turn left on to Yegen Road and follow to Morrison Ave. The NPCC available property begins west of the Bobcat Company MSC on the south side of Morrison Ave. It includes property on the east and west side of Northern Plains Drive between Airway Ave. and Morrison Ave. The property extends south on Northern Plains Drive.

What about those lots on the south side of the NPCC?

The 13.63 and 17.60 acre parcels on the south side of the property can be rail-served and both the switch and stub track are already built to the property. However, no other City owned parcels in the NPCC can be rail-served at this point.

Will the city sell or lease lots in the NPCC?

The City is willing to sell or lease property in the NPCC. In general, sale prices range from $2.50 – $3.00 per square foot depending upon frontage to concrete streets and other factors. Lease rates will vary with the term.

What about special assessments in the NPCC?

Sections of Northern Plains Drive, Global Drive and Trade Street have recently been improved to concrete via a special assessment improvement district. Special assessments were applied to adjacent properties in the fall of 2015 with the first installment paid with the property taxes in 2016. After the City pays the special assessments for the parcels it owns, the sales prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Since the NPCC is close to the Bismarck Airport, what do I need to know before I build there?

All buildings constructed in the NPCC must receive clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is done in coordination with the client’s project engineer.