Business assistance made easy in Bismarck-Mandan

Economic and community growth often hinge on the ability of businesses to expand and adapt to numerous factors. The ability to finance those new plans can often be a limiting factor to making positive change. Bismarck-Mandan enterprises benefit from the proactive environment found in North Dakota. Peruse the options below or contact us today to see what is possible for your company.

Financing Assistance

Bank of North Dakota (BND)

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BND is the nation’s only state-owned bank and offers unique advantages to businesses operating in North Dakota. Learn more about the numerous loan programs available, like Flex Pace, the USDA Government Guaranteed Loan Purchase Program, the Business Development Loan Program and more from the experts at BND.

Dakota Business Lending

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Dakota Business Lending is a small business resource that drives economic growth through financing opportunities, education, guidance and partnerships. It facilitates various SBA loan and loan guarantee programs for multiple users.

Lewis & Clark Development Group

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The Lewis & Clark Development Group is a collaboration of three non-profit organizations that provides programs and loans to support businesses, local governments and individuals. Lewis & Clark Regional Development Council, the Lewis & Clark Certified Development Company and CommunityWorks North Dakota seek to advance economic and community development across North Dakota.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

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The SBA administers several loan programs that entrepreneurs and small business owners can access directly to start and grow an operation. Grants, loans and investment capital await qualifying businesses today.

The Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC team can help you apply for business funding & local grant opportunities. Contact us today!