There are Many Reasons Businesses Love Bismark-Mandan

There are Many Reasons Businesses Love Bismark-Mandan Main Photo

27 Dec 2023


North Dakota is nationally recognized for fostering business success. Meanwhile, thanks to its strategic location, low cost of living, solid workforce, and vibrant community spirit, businesses are building momentum in Bismarck-Mandan.

Bismarck-Mandan has so many built-in advantages

From low utilities and lower up-front costs to tax incentives and rebates, expense credits and available land, Bismarck-Mandan is a great place for business. Beyond that, recruiting advantages abound because we’re much more than just a location – we’re a community – with great schools, a thriving arts and culture scene, an array of affordable houses and apartments, low crime and outdoor recreation in all four seasons. This explains why Bismarck-Mandan has become a mecca for recent college graduates, young professionals, and young families.

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